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   January 21, 2018

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Leadership & Happiness:

My prescription for happiness is: First, find your unique talents and your passions. Next, learn from stories of how others in your field became successful. Then, work hard to perfect your talents while enjoying your journey. And last, teach your journey to help others find their way.”

-Dr. Margot Weinstein







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Dr. Margot Weinstein is a very successful business owner, premier speaker, educator/trainer and career consultant with over 30 years experience. She has developed UNIQUE PROGRAMS combining her knowledge gained from her business success, with her academic research and her interviews with over 150 CEOs of major Real Estate, Banking, and Human Resource Development Organizations Worldwide such as Billionaires, Sam Zell, Equity Group International and the Chicago Tribune, and Barbara Corcoran, Corcoran Company, (speaker on CNBC's inside the Millionaire Mind), and Ronald Kaiser, Director, Bailard Inc., an Investment Portfolio Firm. She also regularly interviews top real estate producers who are the superstars of the residential and commercial real estate industry. Dr. Margot's products and programs will teach you how to reach your peak success in a changing business economy.

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Watch a short video of excerpts from Dr. Weinstein's recent speaking events.

Watch a video interview on "Strategies for Building A Successful Career" with Steven L. Good, Former Chairman & CEO, Sheldon Good & Company, world's premier real estate auction company.

Watch a video of Dr. Weinstein's interview on "How to Make More Money in a Changing Real Estate Market" with Dagmar Sands, President, Real Estate International, Inc., Atlanta and USA-President FIABCI

Read Dr. Weinstein's Award Winning Leadership Research "How CEOs Like to Learn" under current articles.

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